The Orthodox Nationalist: Alexander Dugin and the ‘Geopolitics of American Election’ – TON 110420


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at Dugin’s analysis of the US voting system and Trump’s effect on people’s understanding of politics.

The international significance of the 2020 election – which as of this writing has yet to be decided – is wildly exaggerated.

Alexander Dugin has applied the basic principles of Eurasianism and Geopolitical analysis to understand the American system of voting and its regional proclivities.

While the Eurasian idea is fundamentally sound, Dugin both exaggerates the ideological commitment of Donald Trump and the power of the presidency in international affairs.

What is true, however, is the idea that the Trump campaign, at least rhetorically, has resurrected some of the core ideas of nationalism. Whether or not these have been put into practice is irrelevant. Presidents simply don’t have the power to ideologically remake anything. Nevertheless, to the extent that things like “America First” have again become part of the vocabulary, the landscape has changed.


Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Alexander Dugin and the “Geopolitics of American Elections” – TON 110420


The Orthodox Nationalist: Evil – TON 102820


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at the concept of ‘evil’ and how it can be recognised.

Evil permeates everything around us. Only in tiny pockets of the church can any True Goodness be found. Evil is the taking of image for reality. Appearance is mistaken for essence. We take the appearance for reality because we want to. We want the pleasure of being wealthy and popular, even though we know that it is very difficult, leads to endless problems, and after all, we will soon die no matter how lucky we are in the world.

Knowing evil helps us recognize it when it comes to us under the guise of good. Demons use images, fantasy pictures, to tempt people into sin. Images are not real, though they are taken from parts of reality, put together in a way that is meant to pervert or invert its purpose.

The rule of Antichrist and the False prophet will rely on media for their rule. Evil is the separation of the thing from its true essence, meaning and purpose. It is the taking of a good thing and using it wrongly, for all the wrong reasons. Evil is illusion and deception. Evil is both an ontological and a moral problem.

This broadcast uses the story of Israel’s perversion in Numbers 25 as a powerful case study of how evil operates. As Israel was heading for its final destination in Canaan, the Moabites, the manifestation of incest, in a last ditch effort to stop their progress, used its women to alter the thoughts of Israel’s military elite. Women were sent into the camp to flatter the men, showing them the time of their lives and all the best that settled civilization had to offer.

This wasn’t mere sex, but the use of the female form to radically alter the cognition of Israel. The militant, armed camp of the Exodus wouldn’t seem so attractive when compared with the beauty of the female form and its charms. Moses, almost in a panic, had the Israelite offenders executed, showing that the only response to the provoked male sex drive is death, the only thing more powerful.


Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Evil – TON 102820


The Orthodox Nationalist: Orthodoxy and Nationalism in Interwar Poland – TON 101420


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at the different influences wrestling for control over Poland after the first war.

Poland, a state just recreated after the war, was torn by Ukrainians, Russians and native Poles seeking to use the new state for their own purposes.

The Orthodox Church in Poland was overwhelmingly Ukrainian, yet its hierarchs were Russian.

Under the guidance of the suffering Metropolitan Dionysus (Valedinsky), the church in Poland was struggling for its very identity.

Here, ethnicity was being reborn not just as a legal construct, but a cultural and theological one as well.

In addition, the rise of Sobornopravna as an organizing principle also brought national and civic Brotherhoods to the forefront of theological thought.

This incredible rebirth of social and political theory was smashed by the rise of Stalinism and the defeat of Germany in 1945, thus dooming the world to suffer between liberal indifference and Marxist oppression.


Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Orthodoxy and Nationalism in Interwar Poland – TON 101420


The Orthodox Nationalist: Propaganda and the American Mass – TON 100720


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at importance of propaganda to the functioning of modern society.

“The man who discovers a new scientific truth has previously had to smash to atoms almost everything he had learnt, and arrives at the new truth with hands bloodstained from the slaughter of a thousand platitudes” – Ortega y Gasset

Mass Society is necessary for postmodern democracy to function. It Is based, not on information, but on propaganda, rhetoric and even outright threats. In the absence of Logos, there is no truth and thus, all that matters is social manipulation, power and money.

This broadcast takes from the work of Plato, Gasset and Jacques Ellul to understand the relation of mass society to political ignorance. Modern propaganda is a substitute for truth and knowledge, and it uses labels to stand in for reality. The labels have no real meaning, they’re rather just emotional weapons. 

For Plato, the Forms were the foundation of truth, but were only accessible to philosophers in the broad sense. The rest of society had access to these truths through symbols. Labels are the perversion of these symbols. A label stands to a symbol as oligarchy stands to aristocracy. In Western Europe in the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth, the traditional bonds structuring society had broken down entirely. Individuals without natural, organic local institutions are rendered defenseless against manipulation. Such isolated ciphers are easy targets for the propagandists. It is the foundation for liberal democracy.

Politics is a highly technical and difficult field that tries to understand the relationship between government and society that’s become almost absurdly complex. Trying to reduce this to humorous one liners promoted by journalists can only be seen as a spell cast by oligarchy that is aware of its illegitimacy.


Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Propaganda and the American Mass – TON 100720



The Orthodox Nationalist: Presidential Debates, Ovid and the Age of Lead – TON 093020

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson examines last nights debate in the light of Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

Today’s broadcast comes from Dr. Johnson’s mistake of watching the “Presidential Debate” between Trump and Biden. Not finding enough words in English to describe the revolt against reason here, he goes to the work of Ovid, especially in his Metamorphoses. Here, Ovid lays out his conception of history based on constant decay.

Ovid’s view is that things are changing for the worse, and human history is a story of degeneration. This is a process moving from the pristine simplicity of the Edenic Golden age, to the arrogant, violent and elitist world of today (and in Ovid’s time). The Golden age was of innocence (knowledge was intuited, not grasped through concepts), the Silver age of culture and morals (the development of conceptual thinking), the Bronze age of warfare and the Iron age of total and constant war at every level. The Iron age is where language is used to deceive and all morals are deemed relative.

We live at the decay of the Iron age where even the language used to deceive is deceptive. It is the age of Lead. The decay from intuition to concept is a falling away from unity. Conceptual logic alienates and separates us from the world, but in the Bronze and Iron age, even this has broken down, and soon, it becomes a war of all against all. Here, there are no truths of any kind except life and death. Not even taxes were guaranteed at the time.

It was only the emperor that restored some kind of justice to the state, but even this was a facsimile to true justice. It was the only possibility at the time. Today, justice isn’t reasonably possible because the very language used to understand it doesn’t exist.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Presidential Debates, Ovid and the Age of Lead – TON 093020


The Orthodox Nationalist: The Post-Modern Concept of Freedom – TON 092320


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson talks about the betrayal of the constitution and the rise of the consumertarian.

Today, the American regime serves as a large processing plant for the production of beastly semi-humans designed to purchase commodities made by others from very, very far away working for slave wages. This freakish automaton is then told that his condition is the ultimate manifestation of “freedom” and, even more, is nothing short of a historical “inevitability.”

Pumped full of psychotropic drugs, self-hate, chimerical, media-generated images and sophistical ideologies, the American is shepherded though his life by a pantheon of celebrities creating a dream world with no relationship to actual reality. This is the inverted universe within which the mass-man cognitively is forced to exist. The average American does not have even the vocabulary to describe his condition, let alone fight it.

The Postmodern idea claims that humans have rights of some kind, but have no idea what these are, where they come from or what end they serve. John Adams said,:

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. . . Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide” (John Adams, letter to John Taylor, 1814). 

In other words, the American founders rejected any sense of individualism or abstract rights, holding that only a tiny percentage of the population have any right to the title of “citizen,” which itself comes from their state of positive freedom or autonomy. None of the intellectuals of his generation disagreed.

After excoriating the oligarchs of his day as “pseudo-aristoi,” Adams says “on the other hand the stupidity with which the more numerous multitude not only become their dupes, but even love to be taken by their tricks, I feel a stronger disposition to weep at their destiny, than to laugh at their folly.” the Constitution, if it has any relevance at all, is only meant to apply to the tiny handful of men who can actually reach a state of real freedom and hence, citizenship.


Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Post-Modern Concept of Freedom – TON 092320


The Orthodox Nationalist: Logos in St. Gregory of Nyssa II – TON 091620

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson explains the theological system used for creation and how it is reflected in language.

Approaching the subject more broadly, the doctrine of the church is encapsulated in the idea of Logos. When God creates out the fullness of his very being, two things are created: The universal objects and the particular objects dependent upon them. The hierarchy is clear: Pure Being overflows and creates the most important Ideas; these Ideas, in a sense, “create” what is below them, the particulars in matter.

The world, put simply, is distinguished between the universal and the particular, the latter encased in matter and the former serve as its principle. Only the universal has being. The universal here is not “universal” in Aristotle’s sense. It is not abstract. For Realism, the Idea is the most concrete thing in existence. It is the particular that is abstract unless understood as an aspect of the Idea, the universal which serves as the goal and source of the particular.

While this seems excessively abstract, it serves as the foundation for understanding the concept of evil. As all mental illness is based on delusion, all evil is based on the misuse of things. Language isn’t used to inform, it is meant to deceive. If universals aren’t real, then language doesn’t refer to anything but that which is created by the powerful.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Logos in St. Gregory of Nyssa II – TON 091620


The Orthodox Nationalist: Logos in St. Gregory of Nyssa – TON 090920

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson starts a two part presentation on two important saints.

This broadcast is an academic lecture on the patristic idea of St. Gregory of Nyssa. Next week, it will be continued with Gregory the Theologian. This comes from my upcoming book, The Ontology of Death: Patristic Philosophy against Promethean Nominalism.

Often, those writing on the church fathers do not have a background in the history of metaphysics. On the other hand, those writing on metaphysics refuse to see the patristic writings as legitimate continuations of Plato’s metaphysics or even metaphysical systems at all. In a very weak way, this book tries to rectify this serious problem.

Realists believe, in one sense or another, in Forms. These are Archetypes and are Reality in the strict sense, hence the name “Realist.” Because material things are constantly in flux and our own human perception picks up only the tiniest aspect of the external world, the Forms are prerequisite for all knowledge.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Logos in St. Gregory of Nyssa – TON 090920


The Orthodox Nationalist: Kyle Rittenhouse and the Biden KLA Connection – TON 090220

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at the smearing of Kyle Rittenhouse and Biden’s backing for the Kosovan Liberation Army.

Today’s broadcast covers two topics. The first is the saga of Kyle Rittenhouse. His heroic actions under the most intense attack is worthy of praise. His composure under fire is something experienced soldiers and policeman might envy. If this young man is convicted, then self defense has been made illegal for whites.

The second has been touched on here before: the connection of Joe Biden to the Kosovo Liberation Army, the terror cell that the US backed in its takeover of that part of Serbia, cleansing it of the “uncooperative” Serbs. In 1993, on CNN’s Larry King Live, Biden called the Serbs “illiterate degenerates, baby killers, butchers, and rapists.” And during the 1999 NATO attack on Serbia, he appeared on Meet the Press on May 9, 1999 too, and demanded a “Japanese-German style occupation of that country.” The Albanian lobby worldwide has given millions of dollars to Biden’s campaigns over the decades. Since heroin and prostitution are the only economic activity in Kosovo, the money must come from that.

Dr. Johnson apologizes for mispronouncing the terror leader Hashim Thaci’s name, but honestly, he couldn’t be bothered to even look it up. We hope he rots in prison.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Kyle Rittenhouse and the Biden KLA Connection – TON 090220