The 1883 Timok Rebellion in Serbia:
Peasant National Anarchism against Finance Capital

A Patristic Glimpse into Our Age:
Antichrist and the End of All Things

A Personal Tribute to Willis A. Carto
(July 17 1926-October 26 2015)

“According to God’s Purpose” –
The Truth about Tsar Ivan IV, Oligarchy and the
Legacy of Medieval Russia

Against “Mute and Dumb Objects” –
Ethnicity and Nationalism in the Kollyvades Fathers

Agrarianism and the Counterrevolution:
The Ideology of Illusion and Modernity

The Alchemy of Interest, Usury and Modernity
A Review of SM Goodson’s Inside the Reserve Bank:
The Origins and Secrets of Central Banking Exposed (Norfolk and Good,

An Outline of Putin’s Success:
Authoritarianism, Tradition and the Survival of Russia

Anarchism and Orthodox Community:
The Politics of Sobornost, the Ancient Ritual
and the Destruction of Old Russia by the Petrine State

The Beast’s Final Gamble:
Gold, Capitalism and China’s Threat to World Liberalism

Belarus: Stronghold against the West

Beyond the Deceptions of Mundanity:
The Christian Anarchist Thought of
St. Valentin Sventsitsky

Bulgaria in the European Union:
Volen Siderov, Social Nationalism and the Resistance to Dependency

Burma in the Crosshairs of Global Capital:
The Former Military Junta of Burma as a Rational Response to
Neo-Imperialist Manipulation

Cogitatio Bestia:
Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Argument for American Empire in
The Grand Chessboard

“The Cold and Sour Temper of These Backwoodsmen” —
Antifederalism, Alexander Hamilton
and the Bill of Rights

The Collectivization of Reality:
The Social Vision of Valentin Rasputin

The Confrontation between “Josephites” and
“Non-Possessors” as Ideological Wishful Thinking

Delegitimizing the Beast:
Solzhenitsyn’s Condemnation of Materialism and Its Western Origins

The Demiurge:
The Petrine Revolution and the War Against the Russian
Orthodox Church in the 18th Century

The Demolition of Civilization:
The Police, Racial Myths and the Media

The Donbass Rebellion and the Political Idea of Novorossiya

Empire at All Costs:
London, Vienna and the Causes of World War I

The Enlightenment as the Ideology of the Beast:
Light, Darkness and Shadow
in European Political Life

Ethnicity, Will and The State

“Ethno-Phyletism” —
The Sociopolitical Context for a Pseudo-Heresy and the
Religion of Clerical Bureaucracy

Female Entitlement and Academic Corruption on Trial:
The Regime and the Amy Bishop Murders

Foundations and Principles of National Security:
Goals and Objectives in the Realist Theoretical Tradition

The Fraud of Bourgeois Christianity:
The Prophets and the Economic
Doctrine of the Orthodox Church

Free Will: Plato, Spinoza and the Hegelian

Freud’s Aesthetics:
Matriarchy, Sublimation and the Surreal

Hegelian Economics, Metaphysics and the Social
Form of Beauty

The Heresy that Never Was:
The “Ethnophyletism” Hoax, Usury and Historical Illiteracy

Heroes of Postmodernity: The Greek Military Junta of 1967-1974

Hyperreality in Film:
The Skulls, the X-Files and the Cognitive Dissonance of the Elite

Indicting the Beast:
The Legal Principles of Alexander Lukashenko

Involuntary Admissions on Russia from Bertrand Russell

John Henry Newman on Wisdom,
Nominalism and the Foundations of Social Justice

Johnson’s Law and
Media Bias in the Russo-Georgian War of 2008

Judaism in Medieval Novgorod:
The Development of the Russian Orthodox Church
Doctrine on the Jews

Law Without Grace:
The Problems with the Toll House Theory

Lev Tikhomirov on the Jews, Revolution and
The “People’s Will”

Life in the Iron Age:
“The Transformation of Daphne into a Laurel” as a Significant Part
of Ovid’s Historicism

Manifestum est Regnum Bestiae:
Euromaidan, Liberal Capitalism and the Ukrainian Debacle

Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus and the Disordered Will:
The Renaissance, Alchemy and Greco-Roman Paganism

Mass Man, Mass Politics, and the Capitalist Order

Metaphysical Economics:
Agrarianism, the Garden of Eden and St. Ephraim the Syrian

The Metaphysics of Archbishop
Nikanor (Brovkovich) of Odessa (1827-1890)

Money Fetishized as Organic:
Christianity, Usury and the Power of Fraud

“Necessary and Sufficient” Ethics:
The Theory of Hegemony in Antonio Gramsci

Nikolai Lossky’s Argument Against Nominalism

Nominalism, Psychology and the Underground Man:
The Revolt against the Mass

Notes on Orthodox Ecclesiology:
Created Grace and the Mystification of Episcopal Power

The Old Ruthenian
Struggle: Orthodoxy and the Unia in Austria-Hungary

The Osculum Infame in the Balkans:
Albania’s Alliance with the Globalist World Order
and its Catastrophic Repercussions

Paganism is not a Religion:
The Social Significance of the Ancient Gods

“People Don’t Like Traveling Salesmen” –
Kafka’s Concept of Alienated Labor and its Delusions
in the Metamorphosis

Plato’s Gorgias as a Premodern Attack on Modernity

Postmodern Empire:
Dependence, Debt and the Nature of Anti-Globalist Resistance

Pride and Propaganda:
The Failed Gamble of Patriarch Gabriel of Serbia (1881-1950)

Putin’s Orthodoxy: A Few Ideas about His Religious Views
and the New Russia

Reason and Man’s Devolution into Insanity:
The Social Ontology of Gregory the Great

The Regime:
Usury, Khazaria and the American Mass

The Roman “Social War,” Democracy
and the Advent of Christianity

Russia and China: A Natural Alliance (2007)


Russian Holocaust Law Repealed

Science, Darwin and Religion:
Irreducibility, Nominalism and the
Failure of the Scientific Establishment

The Sexual Revolution in Post-Reform Russia:
Left-Radicalism, Feminism and its Connection to Terrorism
from 1861 to the Great War

The Sins of Jeroboam:
The Paramount Significance of the Old Testament
Prophets in Understanding the Modern World
(originally written in 2008, revised 2016)

The State as the Enemy of the Ethnos

The Symphony of Authorities in Russian Political Thought:
The Spirit, the Crown and Chalcedon

Thoughts on Solitude and the Hermitage:
Emerson and Thoreau on the Abandonment of
Reason in Mass Society

Thoughts on Thaumaturgy:
A Few Rudimentary Concepts in Greek Orthodox Metaphysics

The Ukrainian Orthodox Conception of Sobornopravna:
The Prophets, Nominalism and the Ontology of Empire

The Ukrainian Presidential Elections of 2004-5:
Myths and Facts

The Virtual Empire:
The Case of Serbia and the Murder of Milosevic (2006)

Vladimir Putin’s War Against the Oligarchs:
Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Political Ideas and Yeltsin’s Legacy

Was There a Mongol Yoke?
The Historical Difficulties with the Mongol Invasion of Russia

The Wesleyan Revival in England and the Enlightenment:
The Depravity of Total Depravity

Yet Another Six Million:
The Fable of Pogroms against Jews in Tsarist Russia


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