The Orthodox Nationalist: The Nationalism of Gen. Omar al-Bashir of Sudan – TON 071719

Back in 2009, the NATO-backed “International Criminal Court” (ICC), tried to arrest another “dictator” in one of their “color revolutions” for “war crimes” in Sudan. They soon withdrew this for “lack of evidence.” In 2010, they tried again, this time claiming he was an “indirect participant,” not directly responsible, for the “crimes” in southern Sudan. Even his enemies cannot find evidence against him. The court’s indictment has been opposed by the African Union, the League of Arab States and the Non-Aligned Movement.

The man is General Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir (born 1944) a Sudanese military officer, the seventh President of Sudan serving 30 years from 1989 to April of 2019, when he was overthrown. He is a legitimately promoted Army General and has earned his stars in combat. Bashir backed Libya under Qaddafi, the Iranians, Hamas, Syria and the war against the Zionist New Order. He was one of the more militant leaders of this moment, and for a time, controlled an impressive amount of oil and access to the Nile River. He was a thorn in the side of western liberalism.

He was overthrown by a western-backed junta in April of this year. The UN rejects all attempts to label him as a “terrorist,” though they don’t seem to like him overall. Russia and China too are opposed, two countries that have invested in his society. This is the true cause of the west’s hatred of him. He brought Sudan’s oil wealth into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s orbit.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Nationalism of Gen. Omar al-Bashir of Sudan – TON 071719


The Daily Nationalist: Gender Neutral Madness – DN 071119

Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson discuss the wickedness of child sex change therapy and give an update on the case of Jeff Younger and his son James, who the mother calls ‘Luna’.

Nothing could be worse than having your son taken from you by the mother, who then dresses him as a girl, wants to chop his penis off and charges you for all the medical costs.

This is a typical example of how a child’s gender can be confused by relatives. The boy just wants his mother to love him and sees that she dislikes him being a boy.

The idea that children should be brought up ‘non-gender specific’ is just encouraging this confusion among as many children as possible.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Nationalist: Gender Neutral Madness – DN 071119


The Orthodox Nationalist: Prof Ariel Toaff and Ritual Murder – TON 070319

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at Jewish ritual murder and the Jewish professor who thoroughly investigated it, expecting to be able to debunk the many claims of it made throughout history.

This week’s lecture concerns a perennial issue in Russian and Jewish history, that of ritual murder.

This is the claim that extreme sects, with the protection of Jews in general, murder young Christian boys and use the blood in the Seder or Passover rituals as a sign of victory over the church.  This broadcast will use the little known work from Professor Ariel Toaff, Passover of Blood: The Jews of Europe and Ritual Murders (Lucchese-Gianetti Editori, 2007), as its starting point. As a professor at the University of Tel Aviv, his acceptance of the “blood libel” charge is significant. After hundreds of threats on his life and the destruction of his good name, he has withdrawn the book from circulation.

In most cases, the child has been entirely drained of blood. In addition, the murder takes place near Passover and the wounds on the body of the victims are often made with substantial surgical skill.

The best known of these poor victims are William of Norwich, Little Saint Hugh of Lincoln, and Simon of Trent. In Russia, Gabriel of Bialystok is venerated as a martyr for this reason. St. John Chrysostom called the synagogue a “dwelling of demons.” The same goes for St. Cyprian and they were not just talking about compound interest.

Ritual murder is a fact of history. How deep it goes among the Haredi is another matter. It’s origin is in the Gospel. Christ confronts the Jews directly: “You do not know Me, nor My Father; if you knew Me, you would know My Father. . . Your father is the devil, and you want to fulfil your father’s lusts; he was a murderer from the beginning ”(John 8: 19-44). Organized Jewry turned from the Logos and sought Anti-Christ, their “messiah” that can only arrive when the Gentiles are already crushed in defeat. Therefore, these ritual murders are tied in to Jewish messianic expectations. The torture and murder of young Christian boys is a symbol for the destruction of the church, the family and innocence in general.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Prof Ariel Toaff and Ritual Murder – TON 070319


The Daily Nationalist: The TARP Bailout Scam – DN 070419

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson talks to Sven Longshanks about his new essay on the TARP bailouts of 2008.

The bailout was pitched as a giant populist program to help ordinary Americans.

We were told that as long as the banks held TARP money, they would not be able to pay out cash bonuses to top executives.

Both of these turned out to be lies and the banks succeeded in getting $700 billion in TARP loans, $8 trillion in secret emergency lending, along with masses of stocks and options which have quadrupled in price giving $4 million to each executive involved.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Nationalist: The TARP Bailout Scam – DN 070419


The Orthodox Nationalist: Stalin the Zionist – TON 022619

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson exposes the Soviet support for Zionism and explodes the myth that Stalin was ‘anti-Semitic’.

The myth that the Soviets were anti-Zionist has taken a long time to die. Given the realities of the immediate post-war world, once the US promised to finance Israel, opposition to Zionism in Russia then became opposition to the US. Stalin was never anti-Semitic and never anti-Zionist. The opposite is true. The creation of Israel was made possible by the position of Stalin, made manifest by an infamous speech from Andrei Gromyko, where his lavish praise and support of Zionist aims was announced to the UN. 

Gromyko’s speech in 1947 read in part: “During the last war, the Jewish people experienced exceptional sorrow and suffering. Without any exaggeration, [one can say] this sorrow and suffering are indescribable. It is difficult to express them in dry statistics on the Jewish victims of the fascist aggressors. The Jews in territories where the Hitlerites held sway were subjected to almost complete physical annihilation. . . Large numbers of the surviving Jews of Europe were deprived of their countries, their homes, and their livelihood. Hundred of thousands of Jews are wandering about in various countries of Europe in search of livelihood and in search of shelter. A large number of them are in camps for displaced persons and are still suffering great privations.” Thus was Soviet support for Zionism made clear to the world.

The myth that Stalin was anti-Zionist partly comes from the later rejection of Zionism by the USSR once the US took over its financing. Clearly, the US was in a far better position than the USSR. The USSR was a proponent and supporter of Zionism consistently until it became clear the US was the “better deal” for the Jews.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Stalin the Zionist – TON 022619


The Daily Nationalist: India Joins the Trade Wars – DN 062719

Sven Longshanks and Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson discuss the response in China, India and Japan to Donald Trump’s trade tariffs.

Both Ford and General Motors have decided to ignore Trump’s tariffs, Ford will only be selling their ‘Focus Active’ in China and GM are demanding a special exemption for their products.

India has itself imposed tariffs on American foodstuffs in response to 25% being put on their steel.

Trump’s tariffs are not bringing manufacturing back to America, what they are really doing is hastening the collapse of the dollar as the world currency .

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Nationalist: India Joins the Trade Wars – DN 062719


The Orthodox Nationalist: The Rape of Nanking: Fact or Fiction? – TON 061919

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson debunks the rape of Nanking and explains why these horrific fictions are required to prop up the New World Order.

It is taken as irrefutable truth that the Japanese army, for no reason, slaughtered 300,000 Chinese men, women and children after taking the city of Nanking in December of 1937. Japanese authors have destroyed this absurdity many times, except that few of their works have been translated. The fact is that the “Rape” myth was invented after the war. There’s not a single, solitary mention of any massacres by the Chinese at the time. The first mention of it is from a Chinese Communist newspaper, “Reform Daily” in 1945.

The city was overseen by an international committee called the “Committee of the Safety Zone of Nanking.” This was accepted by the Japanese authorities. All members of the committee praised the restraint of Japanese troops. None were permitted to leave their barracks at night, when these “rapes” took place. Iris Chaing and other authors claim that “S300,000” were killed, yet the city, the capital of China at the time, had a total of 150,000 residents.

The Bataan Death March is another myth. The Japanese conquerors of the Philippines were not expecting to have almost 100,000 POWs thrust upon them. The US poorly supplied their men and the Americans captured were on quarter-rations or even less. They would have starved anyway. The exhausted Japanese had very few men available for guard duty and themselves were poorly supplied. Douglass MacArthur, the commander of the defeated US in the Philippines, arranged the trials of the Japanese from this campaign, selected the judges and decided on the rules of evidence. These men were tried only in the Soviet sense of the term.

Massacres play an important role in the liberal, globalist mind. They serve as a defense mechanism to displace blame and project their own crimes onto a defeated enemy. They’re always presented as “senseless,” done “for no reason.” This makes them suspicious. As the US slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians in a deliberate campaign of terror bombing in 1944 and 1945, the “Rape of Nanking” serves as a form of displacement for their own guilt and neurosis. Massacre stories soothe the liberal mind and permits them to see their enemies as mindless savages.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Rape of Nanking: Fact or Fiction? – TON 061919